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Aero Cartoon Buddy Box This website is devoted to the art of learning to fly a radio controlled model aeroplane. Similar to a full size Pilot Operating handbook, Pilots Notes are our range of eBooks written for particular aircraft. Each title goes beyond the instructions with handy tips to get you into the air and back down onto the ground again. And again. And again.

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Aero Cartoon Ronnie Retail Simple proven information that actually works. It is not about taking short cuts nevertheless side stepping many conventional wisdoms that have taken on their own half life since the 1960s. We dispel many myths than lengthen the learning process. Written for a tablet or smartphone the reader can take it to the flying field and refer to the simple checklist just before taking off. Having a good relationship with a specialist RC hobby shop who can put you in touch with a registered model aircraft club has proven over time to be the best way to achieve success in this fabulous hobby. However, the information in these titles is also suitable for those who are unable to go down that path.

About the Author

In terms of radio control flying experience my upbringing was different than most others you are likely meet at a flying field. I've spent a lifetime flying RC models. My first solo was with a Graupner Taxi, a three channel trainer way back in 1972. With help from my Dad I built the model from a balsa wood kit. I can still remember the frustration turning final to line up on the runway then applying the incorrect rudder command to roll out. By the time I realised it was often too late. A second or two later the less than pretty arrival well short of the threshold was announced to all. Thump! Light construction but very strong around the nose it took a beating. A few minor repairs sometimes needed but it kept on flying. The airframe became so oil soaked the fin fell off a number of times and the model flat spun into the ground.

That's when I learnt my first real lesson about aeroplanes. Or as some folks say, airplanes. Weight is everything. I've seen people add extra glue or beef up construction in the belief it would help. Wrong. The key areas of strength are the firewall, undercarriage mount and wing joiner. The wing and tail need to be sufficiently rigid to prevent twisting (warping). If is often joked that the fuselage is just to keep those components in formation, flying in the intended direction.

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The red and gold model was my second model. The Invader Mk11 was a dog. I think they got the wing section (aerofoil, or as some folks say airfoil) out of a cornflakes packet. It had a vicious stall and would snap roll at the drop of a hat. (There's a pic of it on the magazine website) My third model was the yellow .60 powered aerobatic model. An unusual choice, many thought this was a problem nevertheless my father being a multi - national aerobatic, glider and pylon champion and world champs competitor said it wouldn't be a problem. And it wasn't. Dad was also an importer, distributor, manufacturer and retailer) of model aircraft radio systems and aircraft. I've been a retailer too.

Purcashing any of these titles or my magazine entitles the reader to contact me for any information to help. Always happy to assist a reader.

Happy Landings

Stephen Green