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Aero Cartoon Buddy Box This website is devoted to the art of learning to fly a radio controlled model aeroplane. Similar to a full size Pilot Operating handbook, Pilots Notes are our range of eBooks written for particular aircraft. Each title goes beyond the instructions with handy tips to get you into the air and back down onto the ground again. And again. And again.

Aero Cartoon Ronnie Retail Simple proven information that actually works. It is not about taking short cuts nevertheless side stepping many conventional wisdoms that have taken on their own half life since the 1960s. We dispel many myths than lengthen the learning process. Written for a tablet or smartphone the reader can take it to the flying field and refer to the simple checklist just before taking off. Having a good relationship with a specialist RC hobby shop who can put you in touch with a registered model aircraft club has proven over time to be the best way to achieve success in this fabulous hobby. However, the information in these titles is also suitable for those who are unable to go down that path.

Cassutt 111

RCM News Magazine edition 149

About Stephen Green

Hobby Dealer

RCM News Magazine
Futaba Pro Shop

Since 1971 Stephen has accumulated approximately 10000 hours of RC flying

Commercial RC Flight Training
Something in the order of 1000 students

35mm film
Photographed in the order of 1000 sites around Melbourne from full size and model aircraft. Client such as Melbourne Water, AV Jennings, John Holland, Australian Road Research Board, Theiss, RT Edgar, JLW, Barry Plant. Dalgety, Tony Hines & Associates, Kew Golf Club, Sorrento Golf Club

16mm movie film
Crawford Productions/Advertising Agencies

RC Airshows
Australian Grand Prix Corporation
Qantas Australian World 500cc Motorcycle Grands Prix 1999-2001

Circuit owners Sandown - Calder Park - Phillip Island - Winton
World Super Bikes 199-2001
V8 Super Cars and Historic Motor Racing 1999-2001

Dutton AirShow 1999-2000 Caulfield Race Course
Cobram Air Races 2011-2012
Sandown F1 AIr Race 2015-2018
Sandown F1 Air Race 2017

Fixed wing Powerline Stringing
SEC/ Ascom Engineering - Dartmouth to Mt Beauty 1977
Powercor - Otway Ranges and Central Victoria 1980 -2012

Cassutt 111

Happy Landings

Stephen Green