Super EZ

FMS Super EZ Inverted

Plane of the Year Award

There are a few reasons why I have given the Super EZ the title. It fits on the back seat of the car in one piece. Wing comes off and it goes in the boot plus it re-assembles in seconds. I don't have to flip it upside down to install the LiPo battery pack. The CofG range is good. The model easily copes with a 1300 to 3000 mAh battery pack. Why the flat bottom wing can outside loop so well I can only put down to low wing loading. It takes a little time to slow down on approach but when in doubt just keep pulling back on the stick. It has impeccable slow speed manners. Mine haven't been a problem but be a little careful installing the kwiklinks. The pins are pretty soft. FMS Super EZ The only improvement I can suggest is to lubricate the axles. Wheels are a little noisy. The wheel's speed rating has been extensively tested on grass and on sand. Wing tips too. Dragging a wingtip on one wheel is a cinch with the Super EZ. A great design well executed.       FMS Super EZ


  • Wingspan - 1220mm
  • Length - 1020mm
  • Weight - 890g
  • Radio Controls - 4 channel

FMS Super EZ Manual

FMS Super EZ YouTube Flight

Learning to Fly

Whatever model you choose to start flying RC isn’t as critical as where you choose to fly it. Selecting a model with the right basics speed up the learning process because learning how to combat poor design takes longer. Learning to fly with a qualified instructor at a radio control model aircraft club still offers the best chance of successfully flying solo and joining the small percentage of the population at large that can actually fly a RC plane. Gliders and helis too but this is about aeroplanes.  FMS Super EZ Inverted

Industry standard today is a foam 3S four channel trainer. Whether that is better than a larger more expensive piston powered middle such as the Hustler Mk 111 is debatable but this is what people are buying. E Flite Apprentice, FunCub, Gamma are three I have reviewed and flown extensively. Then there is this little gem. Value for money is such a variable. In terms of sheer flying characteristics and serviceability the FMS Super EZ ticks all the boxes. Not just as a basic trainer but indeed a groovy little sports model for later on.  

  • Battery hatch on top
  • Control set up
  • Flight characteristics
  • Prop choice
  • Removable stabs
  • Cam action wing bolts

FMS Super EZ Take off and landing is what trainers do. As a workhorse it is the undercarriage that sets the EZ apart from the other three. The wheels are large enough to cope with bumps and long grass at most model strips. Undercarriage set in the correct position the model tracks beautifully plus it will operate satisfactorily in a crosswind. It is hard to tip over too. Plonk it on heavily a few times and the metal legs can be easily coaxed back into position without fear of ripping the entire assembly out. The tailwheel steering is simple and positive. Mine has had a good thousand landings and to my amazement, and onlookers, the prop is yet to be replaced.  Quite a number of people have taken the plunge after seeing it fly. Two chaps bought a pair each. The spare is setup on the floats. Which are included in the price.