Fixed price oblique and vertical site context aerial photography service

$675 per site Melbourne Metro. Includes all costs to supply high quality sharp digital images to client brief. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We fly legally over “Populous Areas” with a commercial pilot in Cessnas from Essendon and Moorabbin Airports. Service time three to seven days. Rush service available. Ideal for commercial, industrial, residential property. Town Planning Permits, major constructions, building sites, land developments, legal, office and home décor.

For further information contact Stephen Green 0418 662 667.

“Populous Areas”

In 1987 Stephen Green commenced an economical low altitude aerial photography service shooting 35mm film from radio controlled planes and helicopters. The impending introduction of the “Populous Area” regulation by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) saw the service change to operating from full size Cessna Aircraft with a commercial pilot.

Man carrying aircraft are legally entitled to fly over property. Remote controlled non - man carrying aircraft (RPAS) do not have this right. Permission from the property owner must be obtained.

The “Populous Area” regulation remains the cornerstone of regulations that apply to Drone Operations today. In short, the drone is not to fly within 30 metres horizontally to any person not associated with its operation. (see graphic) Qualified operators can apply for a fifteen metre exemption. Which makes it impossible for the overwhelming majority of residential property photography across Melbourne Metro to be conducted legally from a drone. Attempts by the regulator and industry bodies to advise business owners the risk of getting caught up in potential legal action as a result of a catastrophic accident, by using unqualified and qualified operators turning a blind eye, are ongoing.

Salt Water Coast Pt Cook

Shot from 3000 feet above RAAF Williams Point Cook. Technically possible from a DJI Inspire V with two operators. By the time the paperwork is finished is approved the job could easily be completed the conventional way. Pt Cook is under Melbourne Airport Air Traffic Control. Airways clearance in Cessna 152 unlikely. Possible in C182 even with North wind. Ditto for Northern Suburbs.

History Of Cessna

History Of Cessna

304 Clarendon St Sth Melb July 28 2010

To satisfy CASA Regulations and Public Liability Insurance conditions to shoot this vertical photograph a sub 2Kg Drone Operator would need permission from seventeen property owners. Seven across the street, seven behind and three either side. Nine for a qualified operator.

Saltwater Coast Point Cook closeup March 9th 2011

Saltwater Coast Point Cook POV March 9th 2011